Who are the coaches?

KAJ provide professional coaches that are totally independent and competent in the fitness field to use its platform as an advanced way of communication between their clients.

Are the programs customized or it’s for everyone to use?

Your plan will be customized from the professional coach that you will choose to begin your transformation journey with.

What is Online Coaching?

It’s starting a transformation journey with one of our professional coaches who will customize a nutrition or a workout plan that suits your lifestyle and with a very simple way of communication. 

What happens after subscription?

Your coach will start preparing your plan and a live chat will be available to enjoy an easy way of communication with your coach.

How do I communicate with my coach?

1-Through our client to coach live chat (with regards to the replying duration),

2-By weekly updating your coach through the weekly checkup section inside your plans where you  answer some questions and upload photos.       

How will I receive my nutrition plan?

Once your nutrition plan is ready it will be available in the nutrition section under “my plans” with all the nutrition facts included in your meal plan and with alternatives as well.

How will I receive my workout plans?

Once your workout plan is ready it will be available in the workout section under “my plans” distributed along the weekdays, and each workout will have name, description, photos, sets, reps, rest time counter and a video that shows how to perform the selected exercise.

What is my plans?

My plans page will include everything you need along your transformation journey from nutrition, workout, and supplement plans to a water tracker and a friendly easy to use dashboard.

How to order my meals from my nutrition plan?

You will find an order meal button in each meal where you can proceed with your order by clicking on “order meal”, your meal grams will be calculated, and you will be redirected to the checkout page.

What is the easiest way to get my grocery list and how to order it?

By clicking on “grocery list”, your nutrition plan grocery list will be available in a page where you can order it by clicking on “Order”. 

What is Food Calculator?

The food calculator makes it easier for you to know the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) in every food. In another words, it helps you know the calories in every food so you can create your own nutrition plan.

What is daily calorie intake?

Calculates the daily calorie intake you need to reach your fitness goal.